Pro Tech Tinting LLC started under the name Gregg's Custom Window Tinting in 1989 as the years have passed by Gregg decided to change the name to Pro Tech Window Tinting. 

Since Gregg has passed away the new ProTech Tinting, LLC was created in his memory and to keep his dream alive. We still have 34 years of combined window tinting and our installers were trained by the best. 

Here at Pro Tech Tinting, we strive to have the best installations in the business. Our #1 goal is customer satisfaction and a job that is factory-like.

We specialize in Auto, Home and Commercial window film installation. We use SunTek Window Films which carry a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.

Stop by or call today to talk with one of our knowledgeable staff members. Automotive and most flatglass estimates are always free.

ProTech Tinting, LLC is dedicated to providing excellent customer service with clean film installations. We always stand behind our work. The two Master Installers have a combined 37 years of experience and take pride in providing you with a quality, factory-like installation.

Standard 1, 3 and 5 year warranty films are available at a cheaper cost. However, shortly after the warranty expires you experience film failure, leaving your windows with bubbles, haze or a purple color. ProTech Tinting wants your investment to look good as long as you own your automobile or home so we only install window film that is backed with a lifetime film warranty.

Window film is no longer about the “look”. Window film is more about adding protection, heat reduction and safety.

Did you know window film does not have to be dark to provide heat and UV ray rejection?

We have many shades that start at almost clear and go as dark as limo. You can get all the benefits of heat and UV ray rejection window film offers, without being concerned about visibility.

Did you know your automobile windows do not block out all harmful UV Ray and factory installed privacy glass does not protect you against the harmful UVA rays?

Factory tinted windows only provide protection against UVB rays - sunburn causing rays. Adding window film to your factory tinted glass gives you the added UVA - cancer causing ray rejection.

Did you know window film will prevent the broken windows from shattering all over yourself and passengers if you are ever involved in an accident?

Glass can still be broken, but the window film will hold those broken pieces together.

Did you know you can gain a considerable amount of heat rejection by adding window film to your home or automobile?

Window film makes your automobile or home more energy efficient so your air conditioner does not have to run as hard.

Did you know that window film can qualify for energy savers rebates or tax deductions?

The savings are real. Energy providers, at times, will allow rebates or incentives for having window film installed on your home or commercial location.

Did you know window film can prevent problematic sun glare and fading?

Adding window film to your automobile or home can can reduce sun glare and fading of your interior, curtains, flooring and furniture.

Let ProTech Tinting help you beat the heat and add protection and safety with professionally installed window film.