Save Energy

The Suns ultraviolet rays are the main reason for fading furniture, drapes, floors and store displays. Adding window film will help drastically reduce the fading process. All of our residential and commercial window films block 99% of the suns damaging UV rays.

Safety & Security


Adding residential or commercial window film to your home or office can also add a level of privacy depending on which shade of film you choose some of our lines offer more privacy than others. 


By adding window film you can reduce the glare in your home or business by 30-80%.

Reduce Fading

Adding standard residential or commercial window film will also help increase the shatter resistance to windows and glass doors, the films adhesive bonds to the surface and in the event a window or door gets broken the film helps hold the glass pieces in place. If safety is your main concern we also have a special thicker security film designed to increase safety and security.


Residential & Commercial Tinting

ProTech Tinting also offers Residential and Commercial Window Films for your home and business. Call today for a free estimate we will come out and look and your home or office and give you a quote. Then we can make some recommendations to best suit your needs so that you get the best protection and comfort for your investment.

By adding window film you will be rejecting up to 80% of the solar energy which will help save money on your energy bill.  

Reduce Glare